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COVID-free interiors are the promise of Craftsman’s new sanitization treatment

Craftsman Collision has teamed up with Viral Defense Solutions’ DrivePur sanitization treatment to take cleanliness to a new, microscopic level. Joining a growing group of North American body shops, Craftsman becomes the first body shop chain in Western Canada to offer the DrivePur treatment, and the only chain to offer it at all its locations.

The two-stage application begins with DrivePur’s Fresch antiseptic—100-percent natural eucalyptus oil that has a kill rate of 99.99 percent for COVID-19 and other viruses as well as other pathogens including Staph, MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus), mold, and bacteria. That is followed by a water-based, non-toxic spray based on a formula widely used in hospital operating rooms and ICUs, which creates a nano-thin antimicrobial coating that prevents COVID-19 as well as other viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens from attaching to the vehicle surfaces for up to six months. All vehicle contact surfaces are treated, including steering wheel, dashboard, consoles, door handles, trunk interior and latch. Craftsman will be applying the two-stage DrivePur treatment to all its replacement vehicles and offering it to customers until January 1 at the discounted price of $49.

The principal ingredient in the DrivePur formula is titanium dioxide, which in nano-sized particle form exhibits photocatalytic activity when exposed to natural light, sterilizing and deodorizing microbes that contact it for up to six months. Vehicle owners receiving the treatment are advised not to use disinfecting chemicals or products containing more than 70-percent alcohol to clean their vehicle’s surfaces because doing so could weaken or cancel the formula’s pathogen-killing properties.

DrivePur started in the U.S. in 2008 as a non-toxic cleaning and sterilizing treatment for hospitals, offices, vehicle interiors, and other environments where harsh chemicals are not welcome. The DrivePur applications on replacement vehicles will be included at no extra charge to the customer.

“We’re very excited to be launching this service, especially in light of the pandemic,” says Craftsman president Rick Hatswell. “With everyone so concerned about sanitization, I think many, if not most, of our customers will opt for it. I wish we could offer it to everyone who wants it, but for now, only Craftsman customers getting their vehicles repaired are eligible.”

DrivePur treatments will be available at all 42 Craftsman Collision locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan starting October 1.

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