New PPG SOP Training Videos Help Ensure Quality Waterborne Refinish Repairs

Step-by-step demonstrations make for an easy and efficient process.

PPG’s commitment to training means keeping technicians well informed about all aspects of the automotive refinishing process. To that end, the Automotive Refinish division of PPG is continuously developing better ways to improve refinish training. PPG has established a series of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all routine phases of the waterborne refinish repair process. 

The SOPs, detailed instructions incorporating industry best practices, help collision centers experience optimal efficiency, productivity and consistently high-quality results in their operations. And now sixteen important SOPs topics are featured in a series of short videos available online for viewing. 

The videos are easy to follow. They are not intended to replace any training or certification programs, but they do provide clear visual references and serve as supplemental resources for PPG painters. The SOPs are based on accepted industry practices, PPG’s vast refinish know-how and expertise and valuable feedback from employees and customers. 

“We want our customers and their technicians to make the refinish process as efficient as possible, without any compromise in finish quality,” said Robert Hill, PPG technical sales instructor supervisor, Toronto training center. “The SOP videos let painters see exactly how certain procedures are done with PPG products. With SOPs in place and everyone familiar with them, there are fewer stoppages and delays, shop operations are streamlined and productivity is boosted. In the end, everyone works smarter.”

PPG SOP video subjects include 

  • PPG Initial Cleaning

Proper cleaning of the vehicle is the first step for any repair. This SOP covers surface preparation and the removal of dust and contaminants from a vehicle to ensure a defect-free finish.

  • PPG Primer Sealer Application 

This SOP presents the process for applying a primer sealer during a repair.

  • PPG Prepping Bare Plastic 

Ensuring good adhesion over a bare plastic substrate requires that it be cleaned properly and coated with adhesion promoter before the application of an undercoat. This SOP demonstrates using PPG’s National Rule VOC system for preparing unprimed plastic. 

  • PPG Primer Surfacer Sanding 

This SOP displays PPG’s recommended process for sanding primer surfacer during a repair. 

  • PPG’s Primer Surfacer Application 

This SOP shows the process for applying a primer surfacer during a repair, including how to achieve proper adhesion, sanding, cleaning tips and more. 

  • PPG Basecoat Blending Waterborne 

This SOP includes the process for successfully blending a basecoat using a waterborne finish such as ENVIROBASE® High Performance or AQUABASE® Plus. 

This is only a sample. Additional SOP videos are available

Each video runs less than three minutes and provides a step-by-step demonstration of the SOPs for that particular topic. PPG invites all interested technicians and collision center personnel to view the videos at their convenience. 

For more information about PPG SOP videos, training opportunities, classes and schedules, visit or call (800) 647-6050. Come back to this space regularly to learn more about PPG.

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