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Metro Vancouver Repair Shops Struggling with Long Wait Times

Auto body shops across Metro Vancouver are facing delays with months-long wait times due to staffing and supply problems. 

“We’ve never been this far behind before—after the pandemic it slowly built up and now this is the worst it’s been,” said Joseph Mahesh, owner of CSN Cosmos, for

Drivers are facing up to two months of waiting for repairs. This stems from issues such as labour shortages, supply chain disruptions, and high rental costs, which have significantly impacted various industries and the broader economy.     

The first obstacle contributing to these delays is labour issues. Specifically, auto body shops are struggling to recruit trained workers. Recently, MNP reported that the number of trained professionals in automotive repair is seeing a downward trend, with Canada seeing a fewer number of qualified technicians every year. The data showed that, “between 2016 and 2021, the number of technicians and mechanics in the 15-24 age group declined by two percent and the number in the 25-54 age group declined by eight percent.” This indicates that fewer young professionals are entering the industry, which further underscores the challenges associated with hiring new talent. 

“Staffing, parts, and then especially business leases in Vancouver are so high and some (shops) can’t even keep up,” said Mahesh, adding that he had heard of businesses that closed down because of rising rent prices.     

Issues surrounding the supply chain are also relevant when discussing these long delays. A persistent shortage of automotive parts has been affecting Metro Vancouver for years. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated these shortages, leading to significant challenges for auto body shops, including lengthened wait times and increased prices. Although the pandemic began years ago, Vancouver’s collision repair industry continues to feel its economic effects.

Due to these issues affecting auto body shops throughout the city, drivers with damaged vehicles are often left with two choices: go without a vehicle until their problem is resolved, or continue driving their damaged vehicles, as reported by With many drivers facing months-long wait times, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) recommends that people in similar situations buy insurance that includes loss of use coverage. This will ensure that people will have access to a vehicle while their own car is not available to use.