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PPG Unveils Innovations for the Refinish Industry: PPG LINQ Color Software and PPG MAGICBOX Body Shop Assistant

PPG is making waves in the automotive refinish industry with the introduction of two groundbreaking innovations: the PPG LINQ™ Color software and the PPG MAGICBOX™ body shop assistant. These tools are the latest additions to the comprehensive PPG LINQ digital solution, designed to revolutionize the global refinish industry that “provides productivity and sustainability improvement for body shops.”

Streamlining the Refinish Process

With PPG LINQ, refinish customers can streamline their repair process by using PPG’s cloud-based platform and its interconnected digital hardware, software and related services. The PPG MagicBox body shop assistant is a small but powerful device that communicates environmental conditions in mixing rooms and receives formulas direct from the PPG LINQ Color software. These new tools also extend the digital ecosystem to smaller body shops not previously served by the PPG LINQ solution.

Enhanced Benefits

The PPG LINQ system offers numerous advantages over traditional repair processes, including faster color-matching accessible from any internet-connected device, reduced rework, elimination of spray-out cards, more efficient paint mixing, and a significant reduction in waste, when compared to a traditional repair process.

“When our PPG LINQ digital ecosystem is paired with our industry-leading paint products, we can help body shop owners to realize a 15% ‘key-to-key’ productivity improvement,” said Chancey Hagerty, PPG senior vice president, Automotive Refinish. “From the time a customer leaves their key with a body shop until they return to collect their car, that body shop can achieve improved productivity, reduced waste and enhanced sustainability compared to a traditional repair approach.”

Building on Success

The launch of PPG LINQ Color software and the PPG MagicBox body shop assistant follows the launch of other PPG LINQ digital ecosystem products, including PPG VISUALIZID™ software, the PPG DIGIMATCH™ spectrophotometer and the PPG MOONWALK® system,  the company’s award-winning, automated paint mixing system launched in 2019.

“Today, thousands of body shops around the globe already use the PPG MoonWalk, PPG VisualizID and PPG DigiMatch tools,” said Alban d’Epenoux, PPG global marketing director, Automotive Refinish. “The addition of PPG LINQ Color software and the PPG MagicBox device can also mean additional productivity and enhanced capabilities for those existing users and also for thousands of other body shops interested in adopting the best digital solutions to enhance their business performance.”

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